3 Types of Trauma to Expect After a Car Accident


When you are on the road, you are vulnerable to any car accident. With the different motor vehicles around you, every minute on the street is a risk. It doesn’t matter even if you are on a short trip or a long one, and accidents can happen at any moment. Also if you are the driver, a passenger or someone walking on the road, you can be a victim of a crash.

Some of the reasons that can cause car accidents are distracted drivers, over-speeding, reckless drivers, drunk drivers, and people not crossing along pedestrian lanes. A car accident may cause minor injuries to the victim, at worst, major ones. We understand how it can also lead to severe trauma. Here are three types of trauma caused by car accidents which can significantly affect a person’s life:

Physical trauma –

After a car accident, your first concern is the physical injuries you got from it. Some of them could cause injuries to the head, neck, brain, bones, and tissues. This type of trauma may or may not be quickly be resolved. It would depend on the degree of injury suffered. A Louisiana personal injury and car accident attorney can help you file your legal claims and make sure that the party responsible for your injuries will pay for the medical expenses caused by accident.

Emotional trauma –

This is one area that many victims neglect after a car accident because much attention is focused on physical injuries at hand. A Louisiana car accident attorney knows that a victim’s emotional condition can be injured as much as their physical form. The effect of the accident to a victim’s emotions should not be neglected because this can make you surprisingly fearful, easily angered, anxious, lose appetite, and other related negative feelings of instability. Due to the emotional trauma, your work, daily activities, and relationships can be in affected in a wrong way.

Mental trauma –

After being physically checked, you can expect a victim to suffer a psychological condition called “post-traumatic stress disorder.” It is also termed as PTSD. You can hear this diagnosis most on armies who came home after the war. However, this can also be experienced by a victim who went through a devastating car accident. One occurrence of a significant car accident was on a highway with a drunk driver who drove a big truck. A Louisiana truck accident lawyer knows that drunk driving is a significant factor that causes substantial car accidents and trauma in the victim’s life. Some symptoms of PTSD are fear of driving, crossing the highways, and anxiety.

A personal injury lawyer in Louisiana like Babcock Partners understands all the possible trauma a car accident victim may experience after the car accident. We are here to help. From motorcycle injury lawsuits to boat accidents, we are here to offer our expertise and award-winning services to assist victims in getting the justice they deserve.