3 Reasons Why You Need an Attorney on Speed Dial This Summer


Having a lawyer on speed dial could be your safety net to a stress-free summer this year.

Naturally, you should have the number of a good lawyer and use it when needed all year round. But there are risks and dangers that accompany the hotter months of the year that could require legal help.

Curious why you should have an attorney on speed dial this summer? Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. You will be traveling more during summer.

Do you have ambitious summer plans? Maybe some of which involve increased time on the road? Traveling to the beach? Or some other dream destination? Increased time on the road equals increased risk of car accidents.

According to WestCoastTrialLawyers.com, an Irvine car accident attorney, “There are a number of reasons why car accidents occur, including the carelessness of distracted drivers, reckless or erratic driving, alcohol and drugs, and many other factors. As drivers, we do not realize how big of an impact a car accident can play in our lives, until it is too late.”

Even if you have insurance, getting an insurance company to pay out what you are due may be tougher than you first might think. Essentially, their goal is to pay you as little as possible, not as much as possible.

This is where a lawyer can help you get the maximum payout. Being in a car accident can result in health complications that can impact your ability to work. So it is vital that all factors are considered and you are given the compensation equal to your situation.

Bottom line: This summer, before you take that long summer road trip, make sure your insurance is up to date and you know the name and number of an attorney.

  1. You will be eating out more, increasing your risk of food poisoning.

Finally get time off, and where do you head? Straight to that restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to for a long time? If that sounds like you, chances are high you’re a foodie at heart. And if that is the case, you might want to be extra careful when eating out over the hotter months of the year.

Time.com reports that 351,000 people around the globe die of food poisoning yearly. And the CDC reports that 1 in 6 Americans will get sick yearly due to foodborne illnesses.

Such illnesses are often caused when food is not kept at the right temperature due to heat fluctuations. In severe cases of food poisoning, the results can mean long-term health problems and even death, in severe cases.

Signs that you are undergoing a bout of food poisoning include vomiting, fever, blood in the stool, diarrhea, and dehydration. If you suspect you are sick due to what you ate, seek immediate medical attention.

Next, call a lawyer. It could be negligence that caused the food to be mishandled. In which case you could be awarded coverage for medical expenses, emotional distress, and lost income.

  1. You will be out and about over the summer.

Visiting museums, amusement parks, and other attractions are what many Americans do over the summer. Do you have a few attractions on your must-see list that you have been planning to knock off this year? Enjoy, but also keep the following in mind:

All owners of property, whether public or private, are legally required to keep their premises safe. This means that if an accident occurs on their premises due to their negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. For example, this applies if you slip on a wet floor or fell due to debris that was left out in a public spot.

Slip and fall accidents occur more often than you might think. According to the WHO, falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths across the globe. And yearly, 37.3 million falls occur where the injured person requires medical attention.

Of course, you should do your part to stay safe and alert while out in public places. But what if the fault has to do with negligence on the part of the ground’s owner? Then you should be compensated for your medical expenses and any resulting emotional and mental trauma.

Often, individuals only seek out legal advice after the fact. But this often leads to hasty decisions and hiring of attorneys who are not the best fit. Lawyers are not equal across the board. Don’t put any lawyer on your speed dial. Do your research first and take the time to find a lawyer you can trust.