3 Graduation Gifts Any New Attorney Would Love


As any lawyer will happily tell you, law school is a beast. One of the prides of the legal profession is the three-year trial-by-fire that students must undergo to become JDs (to say nothing of the bar exam). So when your bleary-eyed, pale, deliriously happy young attorney finally collects a diploma, what would an appropriate gift be to celebrate the accomplishment? What could possibly be celebratory enough? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Here are three graduation gifts any new attorney would love.

Java… Not From a Plastic Jar

In law school, the imperative is to stay awake, no matter the cost. Often, to be awake is to be caffeinated. As a broke student, this often means resorting to sub-bottom-shelf coffees. Why not treat your new grad to something a little more haute? A coffee subscription, such as Moustache Coffee Club, brings unique coffees from all over the world to his or her door. After years of scrimping on their morning (and afternoon, and evening) brew, they will appreciate your effort to bring a little joy and a lot of zing into their life. The best part is, you can work with the subscription service to pick out, among their available varietals, where in the world you would like the coffee to come from, giving your grad a personalized experience. They may spend their first few years fetching coffee for their higher-ups as an associate at a law firm, but with a coffee subscription you can turn the tables and ensure that the coffee is being fetched for them.

A Dash of Laughs; A Dollop of Inspiration

This one is cheating, but believe us, it comes from love. Any good lawyer has an impressive bookshelf, and we’ve got two ideas for graduation-appropriate additions for the collection.

What profession doesn’t love to laugh at themselves? Lawyers, like any others, want to be in on the joke, and the legal profession, byzantine as it is, has many of “ins.” Your new grad will chuckle with gusto at the jokes in The New York Bar Picture Book. The New York Bar, which is notoriously difficult, becomes a little lighter with the addition of easy-to-follow stick-figure comics. When their eyes are watering over the dense legalese, they can turn to this sophisticated picture book for a breath of fresh air (and fresh doodles).

By that same token, what profession doesn’t like to celebrate its own achievements? Great lawyers are many. Even more prolific are the number of books celebrating the work of lawyers who have truly stood out. Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson, chronicles Stevenson’s work with the Equal Justice Initiative in its early years, when Stevenson defended a man who had been put on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. The book has the potential to transform your graduate’s understanding of the profession, and of the real-world conundrums lawyers must face every day.

A Suit Hanger for the Suit-Settler

What is a lawyer without a snappy suit? They may be a hard-hitting criminal lawyer, or they may be ensconced in the rarefied world of white-shoe law, but lawyers belong in suits like fish need scales, preferably without a wrinkle to break said suit’s shiny woolen surface. The coat hanger for said suit becomes symbolic — here your dreams are held. These custom coat hangers are perfect for a new grad. Emblazoned with the name of their school and the date of their graduation, these punny hangers are hardly closet cloggers. It’s a practical item with a word-nerd twist that any recent JD is sure to appreciate.